While I have covered some basics of ‘prophecy’ and some other ‘gifts of the Spirit’, today we will be covering implementing these gifts for maximum effect. I will be using some of my own examples of working in the Spirit and with the Heavenly Father to further the agenda of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

Keep in mind we are not talking about the manipulation that is coming from all religions in regards to government actions as well as election results and selection of officials. We are discussing real world results that are, when used correctly, able to overcome any government on the planet.

We will begin with the case of the United States of America. As the saying goes, if you want to be left alone, punch the biggest bully in the playground, and so we put forward this image as a reminder that the USA is by no means out of reach for the Kingdom of Heaven and the gifts of the Spirit.

A little joke we put together for you.

Now this was part of my Seven Seals project, designed partly for the assessment and processing of those with above average ‘gifts of the Spirit’ as well as an update for genuine believers. For those who love American fast food the joke we have played is obvious. Ronald Mcdonald and Colonel Sanders being the mascot for fast food giants McDonalds and KFC. The “Biden Time” bit is in reference to buying ourselves a little more time.

Tradecraft aside, this ‘demonstration’ of sorts is both a warning and a type of guidance, especially to those of you who may be more like me. I will be posting more about sharpening certain gifts of the spirit (especially the prophetic, which is my current specialty) but for now I thought it best to show that it is the Heavenly Father in control. Personally, I don’t always see eye to eye with the Heavenly Father, but I cannot fault Him for his accuracy.

Another little joke “in the Spirit” relating to New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and famous NZ singer “Lorde” (Ella Yelich-O’Conner)

So we can see from these two examples, that the Heavenly Father with the gifts of the spirit, both guides and admonishes government’s across the world. Leaving aside eternal judgment for now, we can see real judgments taking place across the planet in real time.

Take for example Australia’s current government in Canberra (which I will have discussed in detail) and its almost blindingly obvious connection with “666”, a number familiar to most believers. We can see now with the calamity facing Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison that he is facing judgment from the Heavenly Father both in this life and in the next. This occurs when an individual has passed certain thresholds of normal human behaviour – especially if they claim to be a believer.

The Australian national broadcaster ABC AM Radio frequency in the capital Canberra is the ominous “666”.

I have tried my best to avoid any Bible quotes in this current discussion, mostly because the gifts of the Spirit are not given based on religion. In fact, religion hampers the refinement of these gifts (in my personal experience) and as I am hopefully demonstrating in this post, we have a powerful weapon capable of levelling any government on Earth – and we will be demonstrating that with Scott Morrison’s government.

Through the gift of the spirit, we may call out believers who are committing atrocities and even blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

Through my own work here in Australia, I have not only sent travel warnings prior to Covid-19 for Australians and other believers, but I have also put in place programs designed to help harness particular gifts of the spirit.

While this post is ‘for fun’ I ask any of you who feel they may be gifted to understand that people may not always understand, and they may not always treat you as you should be treated. I speak from personal experience and am now as careful as I can be in terms of revealing any particular gift.

These gifts can be very serious at times, as I have shown in my “bANALity” series, with the title detailing a disturbing rape allegation against a minister in Scott Morrison’s Australian government when he was 17, and the girl was 16. That is what he is alleged to have done to his alleged victim. This act has unleashed a storm on the Morrison government, and while I am aware of the dangers of speaking out, it was this detail of anal rape that was given to me by the Holy Spirit, so obviously I believe it.

Either way, the Heavenly Father has (at least in my opinion) an absolutely sublime interpretation of justice, so I look forward to continue to watch proceedings among the hapless nations here on Earth.

If you believe you have certain “Gifts of the Spirit”, I ask you to please visit my website to learn more about how and why.

To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.

Revelation 3:7