There has been a public outcry over the MONA’s (an art gallery in Tasmania) “Dark Mofo” festival calling for the blood of indigenous Australians so they can dip a Union Jack flag in it. I was not surprised by this tone deaf “art” purposely selected and approved by MONA and Dark Mofo after their 2019 festival stole my own art work and used it for their festival logo!

The theft of my intellectual property has caused me a great deal of problems with my physical and mental health over the last couple of years, and so it is providing me a great deal of schadenfreude to see Dark Mofo outed as a festival with little regards for others.

You see, I warned Dark Mofo and MONA that the theft of my artwork would not go unanswered. Because I could find no justice I placed my case before the Heavenly Father for judgment. I am very pleased with the verdict (thank you Heavenly Daddy).

This was also because the work that I do (in “the spirit”) also belongs to the Heavenly Father, so MONA didn’t steal from me, they stole from God Himself. It is the nature of things. So it is that MONA and Dark Mofo find themselves at the pointy tip of the Heavenly Father’s divine judgment.

So much so that I included them in this latest and final post on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven and the Heavenly Father in regards to Australia.

Because I am an artist of faith, and also suffer from bipolar, I am used to the blatant discrimination by places like MONA and Dark Mofo – as well as by the Australian arts community in general.

I am discounted and ignored because I am stigmatic and because I create my works in the Holy Spirit, guided by the Heavenly Father. There is no room for my voice in this skeptical and cold world of Australian art. There is no room for me in Christianity either, so believe me I don’t take offense at it.

For Dark Mofo and MONA to pretend to be so progressive and edgy is a lie. They are a festival and organisation that has no qualms about stealing from another artist, likewise, they obviously had no concerns about literally drawing blood from Australia’s First Nations people.

I do not need an apology from MONA and Dark Mofo, I wanted justice and the Heavenly Father has provided me with it. May all of you who participate in this festival know the pain and torment you have caused me and my family by abusing my art.

Thank you Heavenly Daddy!

Get in the bin MONA and Dark Mofo!