Thank you to all of you who answered the call. Your tour of duty with the Kingdom of Heaven is now complete. Please enjoy your rest and relaxation. As always, if needed you will be called upon without notice. 

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to complete my past and new writing projects here in Australia. As an avid follower of Australia’s real estate boom, I also have an opinion, and it is shared by the Heavenly Father also. This kind of greed, at the expense of the most vulnerable in your communities in regards to a basic human right – housing – is a symptom of a very sick society.


(Just kidding Australia – the value of real estate can only ever go up!)

Best of luck at the election Prime Minister Morrison.

Greetings also to the people of France and their current leader Emmanuel Macron. Sorry that this Scott Morrison of Australia cancelled your submarine contract.

I hate formalities, but they are needed sometimes. Especially here on Earth. 

The Heavenly Father is good to his Word.

Any assistance that the people of France may require of the Kingdom of Heaven is granted. Within reason of course.

Kind regards,