Thank you for the extra time, I wanted to enjoy the little one’s dance recital. It was too cute!

Now, as I finalise these works of faith we will be closing the curtains so to speak. Peep show is over and I thank you for participating in this global disclosure project.

Thank you again to Nicki M. All the best, I just wanted to show my gratitude.

Also, all outstanding accounts with the Kingdom of Heaven here in Australia are now due. Prime Minister Scotty Morrison needs to be “beamed up”, his bar tab, and Australia’s debt with the Kingdom has reached levels I believe he, and this nation, are unable to pay.

Thanks everyone, it’s been a great season. We give thanks to the Heavenly Father for His Mercy and Deliverance in these times. Victory is contagious!

Seal up the Gates, let those we sealed enter in.


Everyone else, back to work thank you. That’s a big list of names to burn. All the best. Move forward with the ones that didn’t take the money. Reclassify the 144,000.