I have to say that a lot of people take me for a religious person due to my works of faith, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the interest in some things religious stems from my bipolar (as a symptom) and from my own particular ‘gifts of the Spirit’. I know that some of my previous posts have been honest, but hard, on Christian churches in particular.

This isn’t out of disrespect, it is out of concern. When we are truly called by the Lord, we live in service, and that service can sometimes be difficult. It will most certainly clash with our own individual plans for our lives. Personally, I had no intention of helping any religious people, nor completing this project, but the Heavenly Father has requested it. His will be done.

A message for Christian churches (It’s a front. Good job, you f*&#ed it up)

The Heavenly Father has continued with the replacement of teachers in the faith, guided by the holy spirit. The stale teachings of the churches now seem to be far removed from the only commandment Christians were given” to love one another’.

While I had requested assistance and sent out an “SOS” (thank you Amy and to the Spirit) in 2019 (along with my other prophetic works) through an intermediary, as is custom. I had personally pushed for these things to be made open to the Church and petitioned on multiple occassions to have this spiritual blindness removed.

When I agreed to complete these works of faith, it was for the Heavenly Father, and most definitely not for any Earth bound church. As I have already discussed, the Lamb of God rejecting the Church is nothing that is not already covered in the gospels. So what we are discussing here on an open forum is the implementation of faith without the shackles of religion.

The Heavenly Father does not do mighty works on Earth in order to further the fortunes of churches and temples. He has no need for these things, people have need of these things. He will continue existing regardless of how many followers He does or does not have. The purpose of the Church was to further the purposes of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth.

While that mission has obviously failed with the Churches serving their own interests, there are aspects that could be salvaged moving forward. Especially in terms of individual believers that have for one reason or another, fallen for unproductive teachings.

Like the Heavenly Father, the Kingdom of Heaven is undivided. The end goal is and always has been the alteration of all of Earth to fit the customs and laws of the Heavenly Father (which relate primarily to servitude). To make Earth serve the Heavenly Father once more. It is not to impose man-made laws and religious observances across the planet. May these now be seen as redundant (as they always have been) in order to remove the burden of religion and religious practices from the inhabitants of the Earth.

Open the Gates of the Kingdom of Heaven