I have for some time seen my gift of the prophetic (seeing the future) as something to keep private. It was only with certain revelations prior to covid-19 that I was adamant to include certain details in my creative works. I don’t think this was so much for me, but as a confirmation from the Heavenly Father and for those who saw my gift as a joke.

So when I began my own prophetic works (which form part of my creative works – I am a real artist and writer so not everything I work on is prophetic in nature) some 20 years ago I was unsure where to start. I didn’t know I would be sitting here now after successfully warning about the coming of Covid-19 as well as posting a travel warning for Australians and other believers since 2018.

The “Return to Oz (Australia)” travel warning published since 2018. https://salvation.net.au/return-to-oz/

Sharing prophecy in art

If I am being honest now, so many years later, when I first was given word of this current calamity (I won’t use their Name) I checked myself into a psychiatric facility. I didn’t understand any of it at the time or what the Heavenly Father intended me, a 20 something-year-old, to do with this vision. So, I did what my heart commanded of me and I changed my entire life. I went seeking the Kingdom of Heaven. I sought answers.

I certainly found them and, not to be presumptuous and give advice as to how you should pray, but in my own personal experience I try to pray for a single thing:


Screenshot from kjwriteleft.com detailing a warning of coming destruction prior to covid-19 (published June 11 2019)https://kjwriteleft.com/lemon-london-iranian-seagulls-bananas-stop-adani/

It seems to cover all bases, but isn’t always pretty. I don’t share from this series directly anymore, but I did post not so cryptically about a friend’s coming death. I never saw it as a prophecy at the time. I really didn’t, I only found out later that they had tragically passed away. I don’t want to post any other personal details or anything else, because that news broke something deep inside of me, and it reinforced my view that my gift of prophecy is a curse and not a gift.

So what does it mean to see the future? Well, I should explain its origins first before you decide yourself whether prophecy is a genuine personal gift. All of my words I write come from me, and I have been writing since I was a teenager, I love doing it. However, sometimes I can be “in the spirit” so to speak and write on deeper things. This does not come from me but from the Heavenly Father.

That doesn’t mean I always interpret things correctly either. Some things I am shown don’t always make sense to me immediately, and this is in God’s design also. It’s all in the timing. Speaking from my own personal experience of course, the Heavenly Father gives us all a kaleidoscope of experiences so that we may help one another.

I’m special. Not crazy

When I began sharing my Salvation series I was considered a crazy person. In fact, the original test project that preceded that project resulted in an involuntary visit to a psych facility for an evaluation (which I passed!)

That was for a digital art installation, so you can imagine when I started posting some more prophetic elements to my work, it caused concern. This entire decision to serve the Heavenly Father has caused my entire life great disruption but I wouldn’t have it any other way, especially with the things I have been blessed to see (and read in the spirit) giving my faith a fullness I never knew before.

My “prophecies” as a list

If you are sceptical, I must tell you I am even more so of my self. Speaking of telling the future may seem a bit crazy and it’s actually something I have tried to be very low key about in my life – except where it couldn’t be helped. I remember being at home once with my parents, and I walked through the house and yelled “PHONE!” and almost immediately after that the phone rang. It’s a funny story for me now but also an easy way to explain to you that for me, seeing this way just comes naturally. So, enjoy my list along with hits and misses (misunderstandings).

A screenshot from “The Orange Sequence” on KJwriteleft.com, detailing in a creative way the coming of Covid-19 – this post was published on April 16, 2019.

There’s other things, and most of my current projects of course incorporate popular culture especially in the form of music so it’s not all “my work”. As I said I can interpret. So I guess I am writing this post because I feel my personal faith has been questioned quite a lot during my life, but as the Heavenly Father can witness for me, I have been faithful in my faith despite some personal horrors.

I’m also writing this because I suffer from bipolar, and this particular gift and my other hidden illness can be very embarrassing for me. I don’t want you to misunderstand and think I am embarrassed about my Heavenly Father or the talents He has provided, no, it is that bipolar has sometimes clouded my actions. Honestly, I have been investigated by the Australian Federal Police, and local police too of course. I’ve always co-operated as well as I could while trying to sound not so crazy. What did they want me to say? “I see the future”?

But I don’t want to paint myself as a saint either, despite my best intentions when trying to use some of what I do to do some good in the world. I mean, wouldn’t you? It’s a little intoxicating at times, like God making you into a genuine super hero, but finding out you’re really just as flawed as every other person. So please do not think I am bragging about my works, I’m not, I just have so much doubt in my life I just want to say to people listen, I get it, what I say my seem strange now, but honestly, I know what I am doing. Chill.

So in order to do that proof must be presented. However, I have found that the reality is, that no matter how much proof you show people, it can never be enough. I am also blessed with stigmata (scars that symbolize the crucifixion), for whatever reason, and they are more scars of accidental spiritualness – as in, they didn’t just appear, some I remember when they happened, others not (too young?) But none of this prophecy or spiritual scars mean a thing if I am not true to my faith and my Heavenly Father.

So this testimony is part of that faith and I hope that it finds you well in yours. I also hope that your particular path in life has not been as treacherous as mine has at times. Welcome to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I hope you will stay for the show:

Please take your seats

He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God.

Revelation 19:13
“No Horses” by Garbage. Used in “Salvation: Choose between love or money”